These are some common house paint job prices

Most interior painting job prices are under 3,000 that’s including paint and labor. Assuming the walls and ceilings are in good shape the paint job price from a professional should stay under 3,000 for the complete interior. If the home is small and only needs 4 rooms painted, the paint job will cost under $1,500.

Calculating exterior paint jobs

determining exterior paint prices

Quite often exterior painting jobs tend to cost around $3,000 by a professional painter, for the average 1500 square foot home. The cost to paint the exterior can double to $6,000 for two-story homes. Painting a three-story home can triple in cost to $9,000. Some exterior paint jobs on a single level 1500 square foot bungalow can be done with a paint sprayer for under $2,000. Paint sprayers don’t cover the exterior as well as the traditional brush and roller method. Always get 3 detailed estimates in writing before deciding on a painting contractor.

Always pick quality paint supplies

pick quality paint supplies
tips to pick quality paint supplies

Good quality paint along with a good reputable painter is what most homeowners want. There are several ways to find a well-qualified painter. Even asking friends and neighbors can be a great start. Asking co-workers and neighbors for references to good contractors helps also.
Always get detailed contacts in writing.

Finding a good painting quote

paint job prices for living rooms
average painting prices for living rooms

Most times an average bedroom will be cost around $300 for supplies and labor to re-paint. Larger rooms such as living rooms will cost around $400 for re-painting. Always check to make sure what is included in your painting quotes. Stay away from a contractor that gives you a really cheap. Below are a few pictures from a contract that cost over 5,000.

Repainting stairs cost

before repainting stairs

Some before and after photos are shown of the stairs before and after as well as a ceiling before and after painting. The job included removing popcorn ceilings.

  • Removing and replacing drywall
  • Removing mold
  • Replacing ceiling drywall
  • Sanding and stripping
  • Replacing some baseboard
  • Varnish hardwood floors
  • Priming and spraying
  • ceilings and walls
after painting the stairs white

Paint job prices and image of stairs after. The difference after refinishing and repainting the stairs is impressive. Going from dark stairs to white can do wonders for any set of stairs. Painting over dark stained wood requires some sanding before painting and adds to the cost. These homeowners choose to redo the baseboards and trim them in white as well.

Pricing for painting a stained ceiling before and after photo

Painting stained ceiling before
stained ceiling before paint

Paint job prices can really add up fast when dealing with stained or damaged drywall. Removing popcorn ceilings can easily cost over $1,000.I charged $1,500 to just remove the popcorn ceilings on the main floor of a home consisting of 4 rooms. Of course, this was a bigger paint job than most homeowners have to face.

stained ceilings after paint
stained ceiling after painting

The above paint job costing over $5,000 of course doesn’t apply to most homeowners. I find most interior paint jobs cost less than $2,000 complete. Painting the average home by a professional can be completed in three days. For most homeowners, the painting jobs go fairly fast and smooth. Get good references and ask several questions. Learn about each part of the job. Remember this is your home and you are in control. For most people a home is the biggest investment they will ever make, therefore it’s well worth it to look after it in many ways.

Do it yourself painting prices are below.

interior paint job prices
interior paint job prices for the do it yourself painter

Here are some general interior paint job prices for supplies. Painting an average 12  x 12-foot room, walls, and ceiling can cost $40-$100 for paint alone. Paint supplies like tape, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, typically add another $20-$50 to the price per room. Painting the average 1,500 square foot home, the paint will generally cost $400 to $800.

The best house paint job prices

best paint job prices
finding the best paint job prices in your area

Shopping for the best paint job prices in your area does involve some time. Also buying quality brushes drop cloths tape etc. can add another $400 to the total cost of your house painting cost hire a professional painter instead of doing it yourself. Interior painting job prices should average $250-$300 per room including paint. Walls with high ceilings will increase your house painting cost. painting kitchens and living rooms generally cost more than bedrooms.

Exterior painting jobs are more work which takes more time and usually costs over $3,000.Exterior paint jobs can easily run over $5,000. For exterior jobs, I would suggest getting at least 3 quotes. Quality companies are usually booked months in advance. It is usually NOT a good idea to hire someone who can start right away.

Painting jobs under 2.000

paint jobs under 2,000
finding paint jobs under $2,000

Here are some more pictures of finished interior house painting jobs. Great interior painting jobs where the price was under $2,000. The easier paint job with only one main color throughout and vacant can be done quickly and for less. Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding of the actual painting cost for your home.

Finding great painting prices online

painting prices online
getting house painting prices online

Technology has made getting house painting prices online easy. There are some great resources online that cover house painting prices. I have several other pages about painting ideas and prices here. I have found some helpful information even on Pinterest for house painting job prices.

New house paint ideas

house paint ideas for living rooms

House painting prices and new paint ideas can be found on my painting ideas page. These are some of the best links for house painting costs and ideas. I have even added a link for a free house paint job estimate.

Calculating your house painting

calculating your house painting
tips for calculating your house painting

Let’s face it, everyone just wants to pay a fair price for house painting. Getting quality work is just as important when it comes to house painting prices. Following some simple steps outlined here, calculating your house painting should be a breeze.

House painting pricing

exterior painting rates for large homes

Exterior house painting prices tend to cost more than interior house painting prices. Quite often exterior painting can run over $10,000 for large homes. Two and three-story homes cost more to paint. Generally, there is more time and work when it comes to painting the exterior of your house.

Painting prices per square foot

Here are some general guidelines for interior house painting prices per square foot.

  • $1 – $3  per foot for walls only with no patching
  • $3 – $5  per foot for walls ceilings and trim

More information on how to estimate painting jobs.

Paint job pricing for houses

paint job prices for houses

Paint job pricing for houses can be easy to calculate if you have all the right information. One tip I have is to get several quotes from qualified professionals. Having a professional estimate also gives you a better breakdown of the separate cost. Exterior paint jobs are harder to estimate and usually take longer than estimated in my experience.

 Best house painters

best house painters

Finding the best house painters can be easy if you follow the right steps. The most important step would be getting at least 3 quotes from professional painting companies. If you ask friends and family what house painters they use, this can make things even easier.

Cool house paint jobs

cool house paint jobs

Some people are looking to really brighten up the colors of their house. When looking for a cool house paint job, house paint colors are key. It’s also important to remember that some bright paint colors will fade faster than others. If your house paint colors are going to fade faster, your paint job prices will add up.

How much paint to buy

how much paint to buy

People are always asking about how much paint to buy when painting their home? The simple answer is to buy 2 gallons per room. If it is for painting the exterior then start with a long exterior wall if you are doing it yourself. Some exterior painting jobs can easily use over 10 gallons of paint.

Home painting price

Let’s face it everyone is looking for a good honest home painting price for their home at some time. Most homeowners just want a fair honest price for any kind of home renovation. I have found the people that are looking for the cheapest paint or labor end up paying more in the long run. I never recommend looking for the cheapest deals on house painting, it’s just not worth it.

Repairing ceilings for painting

repairing ceilings for painting

Repairing ceilings can messy and expensive for homeowners. Several times I have been asked how much it cost to remove popcorn ceilings. If the popcorn ceiling is from the ’70s or earlier it could contain asbestos which can be very costly to remove. Most popcorn ceilings do not contain asbestos and usually cost around $200 per room to remove. If you have water damage to your ceiling then drywall and possibly insulation and vapor barriers need replacing also.

Ceiling  renovations can be expensive

Most ceilings I have repaired ended up costing the homeowner around $250 for the repair which was usually minor. Then of course priming and painting the ceiling after the repairs are done is extra. If there is lots of water damage to the ceiling then renovations can be several thousand dollars.

Pricing your home renovations

Pricing your home renovations

When it comes to pricing your home renovations there are some important steps. Getting quotes for home renovations can be a bit confusing for some. The most important step when getting quotes is to always get more than one estimate. I have suggested that some people should look at getting up to 5 quotes when pricing a big home renovation. I also suggest that people check out references from previous homeowners to be safe and informed.

Remodeling prices

There are several things to consider when looking at remodeling prices for your home. I suggest breaking down the cost per room for better understanding. Buying the most expensive paint is not the best way to save money of course. I would consider shopping at all the paint stores and comparing prices for one. Once you take some time and compare prices then you will find the best deals on your remodeling project.

New painting prices

finding new painting prices online

There are always a few things to look at when considering new painting prices. How much paint is needed for the complete painting job? How much labor is involved for the job to be completed. It is easy to overlook how much paint or labor is involved in bigger painting contracts. I have even run into several small painting jobs that turned into much bigger jobs.

Calculating painting cost

There are generally only two things to consider when calculating painting costs. The cost of paint supplies is usually lower than the cost of labor. The time and labor it takes to complete the painting job are going to be the more expensive part of the painting contract. Some painting jobs end up being much more expensive than originally quoted usually because more work gets added. I suggest every homeowner get a detailed quote when calculating painting costs.

Paint job prices for houses

This site is designed to help homeowners determine various paint job prices for houses. There are separate pages for exterior painting prices here. If you are looking for help with interior painting prices perhaps this page will help. What kind of house painting are you looking for? Hopefully, I have helped a few homeowners answer some questions about house painting expenses here.

Expensive painting contracts

expensive painting contracts
large and expensive house painting contracts

Depending on just how much work and time, some painting contracts can be very expensive. Of course the bigger the house the bigger the painting contact will be. I have found exterior painting contacts can be over $20,000 for some really bigger houses. Large older style homes have an extensive amount of wood siding and trim which dramatically adds to the overall cost.

Trusting professional estimates

Finding the right painter can be confusing. We have all heard stories about untrustworthy professionals. I suggest asking several questions when getting professional renovation estimates. I also suggest following through on checking references. I also ask for a detailed estimate in writing. Here is a checklist from HGTVon choosing a remodeling contractor.

Painting cost per square foot

residential and commercial painting cost per square foot

Some customers have asked about the painting cost per square foot for residential and commercial. The painting rates between residential and commercial can be quite different. The average commercial rate is usually around $1 per square foot while the residential rates tend to start around $1.25 per square foot or higher. Commercial painting jobs are generally easier than residential and cost less per square foot.

Renting painting equipment

I have had to rent supplies for painting on several occasions. I have found the best places to rent big ladders and paint sprayers are usually the big hardware stores. I have also found that sometimes it is better to buy than rent some supplies. Once I was planning on renting a big texture machine for doing some ceilings I was working on. Then I discovered I could buy a texture hopper gun for the same price and all I needed was a good compressor to save on the overall price. Therefore I encourage anyone to at least shop around before renting your painting supplies.

Cheaper painting prices

I have found the best way to find cheaper painting prices is to shop around more. Getting several painting quotes is one good way to find cheaper prices. If you plan on doing your own painting, simply shopping around for good deals on paint supplies tends to save you money. Always take the time to shop around for deals and save.

Cheap paint touch ups

Sometimes a cheap painting option is to simply touch up the old paint with some touch-up paint. I have used cheap spray paint to renew an old heat register to save on paint costs. It is always good to keep some touch-up paint around for cheap fixes. Instead of painting a whole room, consider doing small paint touch-ups to save on your paint job prices.

Best paint job prices

best paint job prices
hiring the best painter vs the best price

Some of the best paint job prices are some of the worst contractors. I have seen and heard all about the cheap paint job that turned out to be a big mess. We all make mistakes of selecting the cheapest prices in life on whatever and usually it turns out to be a bad choice. I always suggest making good choices in hiring contractors. Do your homework when hiring someone and everyone will be happy in the end.

Average paint job pricing

Finding the average paint job prices for your home can be hard for some homeowners. On the other hand, finding the cheapest paint job prices is never recommended. Homeowners quite often make the mistake of hiring someone that offers a cheap painting price which ends up costing them more in the long run. Always be wary of hiring the cheapest contractor.