Hi, looking for a little help with how to painting a wall?

Here is a great little video on how to paint a wall by yourself.

how to paint a room

Here is some helpful information to get your painting started. Above is a great short video about how to paint a wall. Painting doesn’t have to be all work.

Learning how to paint a wall is easy


Here are some tips and ideas for learning how to paint your house. The most important thing to always remember is to use a drop cloth especially if you are just learning how to paint a wall.

Painting a wall can be fun for kids

kids learning how to paint a wall

Have some fun with your kids and get them painted. Just make sure everything is covered really well. It’s probably a good idea to have some extra clothes for them to change into when they are done learning how to paint a wall.

Having a little fun makes painting much easier

materials for how to paint a wall

Even asking friends can be a great idea. With any luck, you might already have some friends who know how to paint a wall. Offer them some beers and pizza. Make it into a small painting party.

Some people prefer to paint alone, but that’s no fun

how to paint a wall image

If this is your first time painting. Spend a little time learning what to do and everything should go pretty smooth. It may take a little longer to actually get the painting done. Before you know it, you will be teaching someone else how to paint a wall. My list of materials needed when learning how to paint a wall.

  • Paint
  • brushes
  • rollers
  • trays
  • rags
  • tape
  • step ladder
  • sanding sponge
  • old brush for dusting

how to paint a wall with a roller

Learning how to paint with a brush and roller should not be hard. Taking some time to watch some painting videos can make painting a room easy. YouTube is great for learning how to do anything.

Watch my how to paint a wall video above

how to paint a wall by yourself

Before you know it, you will know how to paint a wall with a roller like a professional. I would also suggest wearing old clothes when learning how to paint a wall. The video above covers everything very well.

Proper ways to paint walls

proper ways to paint walls

So I hope this helps you to learn how to paint a wall. Check out my other pages here for some great house painting ideas and tips. Pinterest has great images for how to paint a wall as well.

Painting tips for walls

tips for painting walls

With a little help, anyone can learn how to paint a wall properly. I like to paint one wall a different color as an accent wall. Perhaps some wallpaper ideas from Cloverdale can work. This should help with choosing wall paint colors for your house. I also have added some links for more videos on how to paint a wall properly.

How to paint properly

learning how to paint

House painting tips and tricks for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Learning to paint a wall can be fun. There are several great videos on how to paint on Youtube. With a little help, you will be painting like a pro.

How to paint with a brush

how to paint with a brush

Learning how to paint with a brush can be difficult. I have found several great painting tips and tricks to make it easy. If you are just learning how to paint with a brush I suggest using lots of painter’s tape.

Painting with tape

painting with tape

Painting with tape can be messy. If you are just learning how to paint, I strongly suggest using a drop sheet. When painting removes the tape as soon as possible to avoid paint peeling.

Wall painting ideas

interior wall painting ideas

Here are some great interior wall painting ideas for your home. I always suggest accenting your paint colors with art and decorations. Area rugs and drapes are always good choices for accenting your wall paint colors.

Repairing drywall ideas

When learning to paint a wall, sometimes we need to do some drywall repair first. The best way to learn how to fix most drywall repairs is by watching videos on YouTube. I am always pointing people to YouTube for fixing just about anything. I use drydex for most walls it’s easy to work with and dries quickly it also goes on pink and dries white.

Do it yourself painting tips

do it yourself painting tips

For the do-it-yourself painters, I suggest using a drop sheet first. Other great tips for the average homeowner are buying lightweight poly to use as a drop sheet. Lightweight poly is cheap and easy to tape to walls for clean paint jobs.

Doing your own renovations

When it comes to home renovations let’s do it right. Choosing to do your own renovations can be fun and easy. I often suggest some videos on YouTube for how to do it yourself. With a little help, most homeowners can learn how to renovate themselves.

Cleaning your paint brushes

Cleaning your paint brushes

properly is important. Most house paints are all latex and only require water for clean-up. One clean-up tip is to simply leave the brush to sit in soap and water for an hour then rinse. Most times just running the water over the brush and pushing down will rinse all the paint out. I also find holding the brush under running water with the bristles facing up cleaning out the paint. I have also found great videos on cleaning up your painting supplies here.

How to paint videos

YouTube has some great how-to-paint videos if you plan on doing your own painting. Most people would rather not paint at all and simply hire a professional painter. Hiring a professional painter can be difficult for some homeowners. I always suggest asking friends and family for references when looking at hiring a painter. Taking the right steps will ensure a great completed painting project.

How to paint a ceiling

The best way to paint a ceiling is with an actual paint sprayer. I have used a roller for painting ceilings several times and found it is way better to use a paint sprayer. Painting a ceiling with a roller is way too much strain on the shoulders. When painting a ceiling with a paint sprayer there may be a little more prep work. The results are always going to look better when using a paint sprayer and you can always rent a paint sprayer.

Decorative trim ideas

decorative wall ideas

Wallpaper has always been a common decorative trim idea for walls. Sometimes just adding an accent wall done in wallpaper can make a dramatic difference. Today there are some great new ideas for wall decorating. Here is a great new style for wall decorating. This would encourage kids to write on walls more.

Brush work and trim inside

doing brushwork on interior trim

When it comes to doing brushwork on interior trim, it’s important to use a good paintbrush. I have always used more expensive paintbrushes. I also prefer to use a 3 inch angled brush. More expensive brushes are so much easier to paint with. If you do plan on doing your own painting, take my advice and buy a good quality brush.

Safety with ladders

Here are some ladder safety tips:

  • make sure the ladder is level
  • avoid cracked ladders
  • never use the top 2 steps
  • lock the ladder into place
  • stay centered and check weight load

It is important to take your time when painting on a ladder above all else. If the ladder doesn’t reach your work area within 2 feet, get a bigger ladder.

Best paint for walls

best paint for walls
selecting the best paint for walls

The best paint for walls is generally an eggshell finish. There are some newer paints that have a finish called satin which is between flat and eggshell. The only problem with painting walls with flat paint is that it marks quite easily and doesn’t clean well without leaving a mark. The only time I would use something like a flat finish on walls is when I knew for certain nobody would be touching them. Eggshell is always the safest and best bet for any wall.

Do it yourself tips

Some of the easiest and cheapest do-it-yourself tips can be found on YouTube. I have used YouTube for just about everything over the years and finding good painting tips can be found all over. There are unlimited do-it-yourself tips on YouTube for homeowners. Doing your own renovations can be easy and fun. Pinterest has some great do-it-yourself renovation pictures also.

How to fix a wall

How to fix a wall for painting can be done with little effort. The best way to touch up a wall before painting is with a product called drydex made by Dap. Almost any wall needs minor touch-ups before paint and using a quick-drying Spackle works best. After a light sanding with a sanding sponge, the wall can be painted. This is the method I generally use for helping anyone that is learning how to paint a wall.