Here are some great color combinations for house painting ideas.


Finding the right colors is harder than most people think. These are some great color combinations for house painting ideas.I hope they inspire you to try some new colors for your home. These are fairly new modern colors. These will inspire you to try some awesome house painting ideas. White is always the safest and usually the best choice for painting accent trim colors.

Color choice is the key

dramatic interior paint color choices

I love the orange and yellow colors shown in this room. This room has a very dramatic color for the walls. I just love new bold paint color schemes. Perhaps it’s a bit much. I am sure we can find an awesome solution to suit your house painting ideas problem.

Not everyone has the same decorating taste

room painting ideas

The real question is, “what can you afford”? I mean not all of us can go buy new modern art for our walls and new accent furniture. So let’s be realistic about decorating and work with what you already have in your home.

taupe color for house painting ideas

I would start off by making a list and taking pictures of every room with the furniture already in it. Once you have decided what rooms you want to give a makeover to. Plan your renovations well and you will save on cost.

Take some time for your house painting ideas

interior house painting ideas

Of course, if you have no furniture like this room. Then you need to decide on how much you can afford. Women usually love this part. Decide on a renovation budget amount you can afford. Then it’s time to shop for accent ideas. Who doesn’t like shopping?

Then look at picking an accent color for each room.

red accents for house painting ideas

Most of us work with what we have as far as furniture. But it is always a great idea, to add some art that goes with your already present furnishings. Consider shopping around for some discount large art. Even pillows can make a big difference when it comes to accent colors. I also suggest area rugs for accent color ideas.

Consider picking an accent wall for drama.

red accents for house painting ideas

I usually suggest at least one accent wall for great house painting ideas. Of course, some people go a little overboard on colors after all it is their home. Plus you can always change a color. Shop around for ideas on interior color schemes.

The choices are unlimited for house painting colors.

exterior house painting ideas
newer exterior painting ideas

I hope this helps you with your house painting ideas. Please feel free to look at some of my other pages in regards to house painting colors. Exterior painting color ideas can be made easier if you get some helpful input. I have found some great interior painting color ideas on Pinterest as well.

Pinterest is awesome for house painting ideas

interior painting color ideas

These are just some of the great house painting ideas I have shared. See something you like? Don’t forget to share If you can afford a few extra dollars, consider adding some cool wall art.


These are some great decorating ideas below

house paint and wallpaper ideas and tips

I also have some great images on Pinterest for more house painting ideas. Pinterest has great wall painting ideas also. I share images on Twitter as well for great ideas for house painting. Here are some great images ideas for painting your home.

Wall painting ideas

picking bedroom colors

Finding some great stencils for walls can be a great idea for painting walls. Wall stencils can make a big difference when picking bedroom colors also. I hope to add some free house painting software soon also.

Room painting ideas

room painting ideas

I have added a few cool pictures for some room painting ideas.I found some great pictures on Pinterest for this also. I really like this room with a nice blue accent color on the back wall.


Paint color ideas for houses

exterior house paint color ideas

Finding the right exterior house paint color can be hard for some homeowners. I have found some great house color ideas on sites like Pinterest and even YouTube. Take your time and try to make painting your house fun.

Newest home paint ideas

newest home paint ideas

These are some new home paint ideas that work well for some rooms. I usually recommend dark colors for most home owners when painting the interior. Dark shades of paint only work for some rooms I have found.

Cheap home renovations

House painting has always been one of the cheapest ways to increase the value of your home. Sometimes just painting one wall for accent can make a huge difference in appearance. Try matching the drapes to an accent color when exploring new painting ideas for a new dramatic appearance.

Painting textured walls

painting textured walls

Some people like the look of textured walls. Some really old homes have textured walls and ceilings. If you are looking to repair an old textured wall or ceiling there are some great videos on YouTube. Most places like home depot sell textured paints that are already mixed however, they may not match old textures.

House renovations

Every homeowner has to do some house renovations from time to time. Most customers just want a fair price and quality work done on their home. This site is simply about helping homeowners find quality work and fair prices.

Decorating ideas when painting

Decorating ideas when painting

Taping off sections for accents is a great way to add drama when painting. Lighting and trim colors make all the difference when painting. Some people like using stencils for added drama and accent when repainting their room for a new painting idea.


Finding good color swatches

We all need help when it comes to choosing the best colors for our home painting projects. The best way to choose colors is to find a good color swatch. I suggest going to professional paint stores for a good quality selection of colors. professional paint stores have better paint and much more helpful staff to help you with your home painting ideas.

Remodeling ideas

remodeling ideas

I have found the best remodeling ideas on Pinterest. There are countless great photos of quality home remodeling. The house painting ideas and paint colors are great for someone looking for a new home remodeling idea. Sometimes just adding an accent wall color is a great idea when remodeling which can make a huge difference to the overall appearance.

Finding quality contractors

For some homeowners finding good contractors can be difficult. Everyone just wants to have a good job completed while painting a fair market value price. The most important thing to do is get several quotes when looking to hire a professional contractor. If homeowners simply take the time to shop around for a fair and quality contractor everyone will be happy in the end. Once you find a great contractor you will always have someone you know and can trust.

Painting ceiling tiles

painting ceiling tiles

I came across this new great idea for people with old boring ceiling tiles. Some people have tried doing their own custom designs for ceiling tiles. On Pinterest, there are some real great pics of painting ceiling tiles. I have painted ceiling tiles before but doing actual custom hand-painted designs is pretty cool for new ceiling painting ideas.

Texture house painting

There are several kinds of texturing for house painting. The most common texture painting is ceilings which come in different styles and it is generally always white in color. There are also several types of exterior painting involving stucco. I have seen some different wall texturing when painting also. Texture house painting is quite messy to remove and clean. If you plan on doing texturing painting make sure it is something you want for a long time.

House painting tricks

I have found some of the best house painting tricks on YouTube of all places. There are some cool videos showing how to clean up after painting. The best way to use tape when painting. How to cut in fine lines using a paintbrush. There are great little tricks when it comes to painting everyone should know.

Inspiring Ideas for painting

Finding new inspiring ideas for painting online
Finding inspiring painting ideas online

There will always be new ideas for painting. Inspiring new ideas can be found on places like YouTube and Pinterest. I actually find countless new and creative ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest is generally all pictures of anything you could think of but there are some great new ideas for painting also. It was only after seeing a picture of some new interior design online that I get inspired for a new renovation idea.

Home paint color ideas

Some of the best home paint color ideas can be found online. The trick to finding great paint color ideas is knowing where to look. I have searched several places and sites over the years. I use Pinterest for looking at pictures of paint color ideas. I have used some other sites like home and garden television. I still prefer Pinterest above all.

Home painting design

home painting design
new home painting design and color concepts

The internet can be your best friend when it comes to finding a new home painting design. There are literally thousands of sites and millions of pictures online of home designs. The hard part is finding the best places online for some inspiring home designs. Painting inside or outside your home can be a little easier with the right picture designs. These are some of the best design pictures I have found online.

House painting software

I have actually heard a few good things from some home owners about this new painting technique. I never used these types of painting software much. I found that almost every big paint supplier does have this type of software on their site to use. These new types of software to help a homeowner decide on colors can be a great tool for coming up with new house painting ideas.

Old rustic wood ideas

Old rustic wood is becoming very popular and can look amazing. I have watched several renovations shows lately and more and more old barn wood is being used for interior decorating ideas. Finding old barn wood can be hard as a result. Old rustic wood can be used for just about anything in home decorating.

Newer color blends

newer color blends
tips on newer paint color choices

There are some great new color blends to choose from nowadays. I have seen some colors like yellow become very popular and look amazing in the right setting. I always say it is the accent colors that make all the difference when decorating your interior. Why not consider some new and bright paint choices.