Selecting house paint colors to beautify your home.

So how do we go about choosing colors you ask? Well, let’s look at some of the basics when it comes to picking house paint colors.

  • use artwork and furniture colors as accents
  • soft colors for comfort areas
  • strong or bold colors to add drama
  • lighting is important
  • experiment with samples
  • accent colors for depth
  • use a color swatch
  • choose different paint textures
  • decide on your trim color
  • wallpaper ideas

What house paint colors are going to work for you?

black and orange house paint colors
interior paint colors of orange and black

I would start with the list above and determine what house colors you can’t change. Things like furniture and accessories have to stay for most people. Here is an example of someone who chose to change their trim to black. This was for an office mind you, but I have seen black work in many homes. Of course, black trim is not going to work for most homeowners. Most homeowners choose white as their accent trim color.


Painting white trim works

painting interior trim white
painting interior trim with white semi-gloss

This usually includes all the baseboards and door and windows casings. Crown molding also looks great in bright white. White semi-gloss paint is usually the best choice because it is easy to clean and quite durable and bright white trim always looks great.

So let us look at some colors

house paint colors swatch
choosing house paint colors with a swatch

This is a color swatch that every professional painter carries to help with selecting paint colors. Some paint suppliers will send you a swatch if you go to their site and ask, I get mine free from paint stores. This all depends on where you are. You want to determine what paint suppliers are in your area first. Below is some more help picking colors.

I always suggest people go with a quality paint supplier

These are some of the more common paint suppliers

  • Valspar
  • Benjamin moore
  • Dulux
  • Sherwin williams
  • Sico
  • Cloverdale
  • Glidden
  • Para
  • General paint

It is only my opinion of course, but I don’t care for most of the paints at home depot or any of the bigger hardware stores. You can find way better quality paint at local paint suppliers. It’s pretty easy to get signed up at most paint stores for a discount also. Also, consider buying some nice pictures and mirrors to enhance your paint project.

Accent paint colors are key

decor art for house painting colors

Try to pick something that goes with your existing furniture accent colors. If you have black accents on your living room furniture then pick a picture with a black frame. I find mirrors are always a good choice for any room.

Bright paint colors

dramatic interior paint color options

Just be aware that if you pick bold dramatic colors, you may find yourself restless and uneasy in that room. They can look great at first, but they can have an adverse reaction to some people.

Dramatic colors

great living room house paint colors

I usually suggest only painting one wall with dramatic color. The picture above is too dramatic and personally, I would have gone with more black accents. You can see how well the black stands out. Most people want more calming softer tones. They are much easier to blend with existing furniture. Don’t match the paint to the main color of your furniture.

Instead, try to stay in the same color range as this living room. the sofa and main furniture are dark browns. The taupe color matches the natural wood which is a trim color. The black picture frames match the spindles and cushions which are great looks for house paint colors.

Neutral paint colors

bedroom paint colors for house

Here is another good example of picking house paint colors to match the trim pieces. The trim which is always the less pronounced color matches the headboard and pillows. These paint colors look great in this room with white accents.

Now let us take a look at some exterior house paint colors.

the best exterior house paint colors

Sometimes just painting the white trim can make a huge difference in your curb appeal. If your home is like this one which has lots of trim, consider painting the trim first to make your exterior painting go easier.

Painting siding

home requiring house paint with color

Then of course, if your exterior siding is flaking and cracking it’s time to paint your home. Your home is an investment and needs to be looked after. Quality paints and primers are always a good choice for exteriors.


Don’t ever neglect to take care of your home’s exterior

beautiful paint job of exterior house colors

Finding the right house paint colors can be tough. Do some research in home improvement magazines. Consider painting your front door an accent color. Drive through your neighborhood and look at the other house paint colors to get some ideas.

 Popular interior house colors

house paint colors interior ideas

Another great idea is asking a professional painter for some house paint colors interior ideas. The choices are endless when it comes to house paint colors. I have even seen several homes with black trim which can look awesome. I personally love red front doors for one house paint color.


I have painted several front doors red

exterior house colors

I would have to say red is one of my all-time favorite house paint colors. I am sure with a little help you will find the absolutely perfect house paint colors. If you need more help ask a professional for help with choosing paint colors.


Popular exterior house paint colors on pinterest


I have some more images for house paint colors on Pinterest. There are several great house painting pictures on Pinterest to help pick the best colors for your home. Some people have found the online house paint simulators to be helpful as well. I prefer to use images for house painting ideas. Here are some popular exterior house paint colors.

More house paint colors

interior house painting red and white

I hope some of these pictures help you decide on house painting colors. I even share links on Twitter for house paint colors interior ideas. Twitter can be great for just sharing images of paint colors.

New house paint colors

new house paint colors

I found some great pictures on Pinterest and youtube of all places. I also found this cool site with some amazing new house paint colors. It is all about the accent colors to really make a freshly painted room look great.

House paint color combinations

house paint color combinations

Selecting the best house paint color combinations can be fairly simple. In a master bedroom, pick a color that matches the bedspread for example. I find long window drapes make an excellent choice for accent colors.

Paint color advice

exterior paint color advice

Find paint color advice. Ask your friends and family for advice on paint colors. I also tell people to ask the professional painters what colors they would choose. Here is a great little video I found on exterior house paint colors.

Accent paint colors

choosing accent colors

Choosing the right accent colors when painting your interior can be easy. Something as simple as matching the curtains to your accent color can be amazing. This photo shows how dramatic the accent color can make this room color come alive.

Selecting soft warm paint colors

When selecting your new house paint colors it is always safe to choose soft warm neutral colors. I mean sure beige colors can be boring but you can accent any color to make it stand out. Painting all your trim bright white semi-gloss always works well with neutral colors.

Using a large color swatch

using a color swatch book

Most paint stores carry color swatch books for contractors. It doesn’t hurt to ask about using one for selecting your colors. Rather than deal with small samples which can be a real headache, I find using a book of colors much easier.

 House painting renovations

Some people have a difficult time when it comes to choosing house painting renovations. It is always a good idea to get several opinions on your home renovations. Something as simple as picking house paint colors can be tough for some, which is why I decided to make a site to help homeowners make better decisions when renovating.

Proper lighting and paint colors

proper lighting and paint colors

It is always important to choose the proper lighting when selecting your paint colors. Some lights make some paint colors look darker. The best way to be sure of the color you select is first doing a small paint sample. Sometimes simply changing the curtains to allow more natural light in makes all the difference when coming up with new interior design ideas.


House paint colors photos

If you are having difficulty finding the right house colors consider looking at some sites like Pinterest. I have looked at countless sites for ideas and found some of the best house paint color photos on places like Pinterest. Another great idea for finding awesome paint color photos is simply searching google for house color photos only.

House paint color schemes

House paint color schemes

Finding the right house paint color scheme for your home can be challenging. Some online paint simulators are available, I never had much luck using them. Looking at pictures of completed painted houses can make the color selection easier. I use Pinterest for looking up some great house painting color schemes.

House Painting Trends

Finding the latest and greatest house painting trends are easy to find. I find sites like Pinterest are great for finding the latest house painting trends. Pinterest seems to have the most current pictures of house painting trends. I find that some other sites have old pictures that are just not that current if you are looking for the latest trends in house painting which should give you some new house paint color tips.

Home reno ideas

home reno ideas

When it comes to house painting, home reno ideas are hard to find for some homeowners. Painting is always been one of the easiest and least expensive home Renos. Adding little things like shutters can make a huge difference to the exterior when renovating. I always suggest looking around sites like Pinterest for new home reno ideas.

Finding the right color tint

I have found most of the best pictures on Pinterest when it comes to finding the right color tint. There are thousands of great pictures online to be found. This makes selecting the right tint easier for some homeowners. Let’s face it finding the perfect color tint when painting can be tough.

Repairing ceiling texture

Most ceilings have some sort of texture. Repairing ceiling textures can be tricky. Most home hardware stores carry small cans of texture for repairing small patches in ceiling texture. Spraying texture on a ceiling can be messy and needs to be prepped. There are some good videos on YouTube for repairing small texture jobs.

Simple renovation ideas

simple renovation ideas

Painting has always been one of the most simple renovation ideas for any home. Finding the right color scheme can be the hard part for some homeowners. I find it is always best to ask your local experts for advice. Most professionals do not mind giving advice for free on how to best renovate your home.

Professional renovation advice

Finding professional renovation advice can be difficult for some homeowners. With the sharing of information online increasing every day it can be hard to find the right advice. I have used several places like YouTube for professional renovation advice. I use YouTube for all kinds of great advice on several things from fixing computers to installing floor tiles. Most professional renovating companies don’t mind giving free advice on paint colors.

House paint colors exterior simulator

I have found that most of the big paint stores have their own paint color simulator. The only way to generally use them is to actually go to their site. I have been looking for a good free paint simulator program to share one here. For now, I will add a link to one on HGTV. The paint simulators should only be used as a guide because the actual colors can change from store to store.

Popular exterior house paint colors

popular exterior house paint colors
finding popular exterior house paint colors

There are common color choices for exteriors. Finding a new and popular exterior color can be hard to envision for some. I like to look at the accent color choices as well when deciding on the main color. There are some stores that offer very large samples of paint colors, they are usually 2 feet by 2 feet square samples. I prefer buying the little sample colors for testing which cost less than $5 each.

Testing paint colors

The best way to test out paint colors for your final test is with small samples. Most of the bigger hardware stores offer miniature paint samples usually for under $4 each. I have found those small paint samples of paint are just right for painting several 3-foot square samples. Sometimes I went through 10 paint samples before finally deciding on colors. This paint testing method has saved me hundreds on cost over the years, not to mention being eco-friendly.

House paint color combinations

I have had my share of problems finding the right paint color combinations for various houses I have painted. I try to avoid selecting paint color combinations. Some people have a real art for picking the right color combinations. I suggest if you are having trouble picking paint colors that work well together find someone who can. I like to use pictures for selecting my paint color combinations. Places like HGTV are great for finding amazing paint combinations.

Online paint shopping

online paint shopping
saving cost by online paint shopping

Online shopping has become quite popular and safe over the years. I have found some of the best deals on just about anything online. When it comes to buying paint or supplies, I do believe that online shopping will only get better for the average homeowner. It still pays to know where to shop online for any painting supplies.

Soft paint colors

Soft colors are generally safe for any room. Using just about any real light tint is considered safe in places like rentals. I have painted hundreds of rentals and most owners choose light beige colors. Light blue is another common color for rentals. The trim is usually done with semi-gloss white and the ceilings are generally flat white. Soft colors are good for rentals, but they are quite plain and boring as well.

Dark colors for walls

I like to have at least one dark color for walls in any home. Dark colors always add depth when done properly. Painting all walls in one room a dark color is never a good choice, the key is to add accent colors. Most rooms look best if they have an accent wall color. When painting a big room, choosing a dark color for one wall makes everything look better.

Brighten up you kitchen

brighten up your kitchen
tips to brighten up your kitchen

The best way to brighten up your kitchen is to paint it. Some of the new bright colors can look great in the kitchen. I have even seen some nice blends of white and yellow paint. Color choice is key when decorating and room. I have always liked certain yellow tints for accent walls as well.