Great bathroom paint ideas for your house

bathroom paint ideas
new great bathroom paint ideas

Here is a list to make thing easier

  • shower curtains
  • towels
  • towel bars
  • bathroom tile colors
  • light fixtures
  • countertop colors
  • cabinet colors
  • area rugs
  • wall stencils
  • mirrors
  • vanity lights
  • door hardware
  • exhaust fans
  • led lighting
  • faucet designs

choose the right bathroom shareware finish

The choices in bathroom hardware often get overlooked. The actual finish of all the hardware makes a big difference. Most people choose a chrome finish for hardware such as faucets and rood handles, I prefer the brushed stainless finish. Bathroom renovations can be fun and exciting for any home.

The best way to choose accent colors

bright white towels help with bathroom paint ideas

Finding the right colors can be easy for your new bathroom paint ideas with a little help. There are several ways to change your accent colors. Accent your bathroom colors with things like towels and shower curtains make this change economical. The safe choice for bathroom colors is light neutral colors. Plain colors on walls can look great if you add the right accent colors. Rugs and towels can make a nice accent color for any bathroom.

Always pick colors from permanent fixtures.

bathroom paint ideas that don't work

Never pick colors that clash with your floor. Even picking colors that are close to your countertop is good. Not like this photo. This is a terrible choice for bathroom paint ideas. The blue just doesn’t match anything at all.


Pick neutral colors if you can’t decide.

bathroom paint ideas with art

It is always safe to pick neutral colors when selecting bathroom paint ideas. This picture shows how to add contrast and depth to your bathroom with art.

Add pictures and art to match the fixtures.

great accent colors help bathroom paint ideas

Finding great accent pieces for your bathroom is fairly easy. If you are having trouble try looking through some interior design magazines that can be a great idea for inspiration.

Small dark colors are great accents

more bathroom paint ideas

This bathroom has several browns in it. Using the dark colors from the tiles and the countertop color. Selecting a color in between works perfectly. Browns have the most color options when selecting bathroom paint ideas.

Most everyone loves bright white bathrooms

extensive white with black accents for bathroom paint ideas

Painting bright white throughout your bathroom can work. This is an idea for painting a bathroom white. High contrast with the black and white in bathrooms looks great. I have seen several blacks and white schemes for bathroom paint ideas.

Small bathroom painting tips

small bathroom paint ideas

Here are some small bathroom paint ideas. Consider using a pedestal sink to create more space. Small vanities with clear glass bowls work great also. Paint an accent wall when painting a small bathroom for depth. Consider adding some horizontal lines to help with small bathroom painting ideas. Try using long horizontal mirrors as well for smaller Bathrooms. I also encourage using Pinterest for finding good pictures of small bathrooms to help with your bathroom paint ideas.

 Experiment with new bathroom colors

bathroom paint ideas pictures

Hopefully, some of these bathroom paint ideas pictures have helped you. I have more painting ideas on other pages. If you would like to find some cool pictures on painting ideas for small bathrooms try my link on Pinterest. Maybe something will be perfect for your home. With a little help, you will have great new bathroom colors.

Smaller bathroom painting ideas

bathroom color ideas

There’s are some awesome painting pictures for small bathroom paint ideas on Pinterest also. I also like using pot lights for small bathrooms. It’s all about adding depth when painting small bathrooms.

Creative small bathroom ideas

painting small bathrooms images

If you have the chance to remodel your bathroom for space, sometimes choosing a small shower can make a big difference when painting your small bathroom. Try some of these bathroom painting ideas yourself, they don’t take much time.

More painting tips

bathroom painting prices and ideas

I also have some easy how-to paint tips on my other pages. There are also house painting prices for every job from painting bathrooms to exterior painting prices. I will be adding more bathroom decorating painting ideas to help soon also. Happy house painting until then.

Bathroom painting tips

bathroom paint colors and ideas and tips

I will be adding a new section for bathroom painting ideas for everyone to comment on soon. I sincerely hope some of my pages about house painting have helped you.

Bathroom paint ideas with no window

bathroom with no window

People are always asking about how to paint a small bathroom or a bathroom with no window. I always suggest ways to create depth to maximize the space when painting a bathroom.

New paint colors for bathrooms

new paint colors for bathrooms

Picking new paint colors for bathrooms can be easy. Sometimes simply buying a new shower curtain with colors that you love can be a great accent color. Most homeowners choose shades of whites or very light colors for bathrooms.

 Painting bathroom walls

bathroom paint colors for walls

Color is everything when painting bathroom walls. Picking the right paint color combinations is key. There are several great places to get bathroom painting ideas like youtube. I have found some really amazing pictures of bathroom walls on Pinterest as well. More house painting ideas and costs can be found here.

Bathroom fixtures

When painting your bathroom, why not consider replacing the fixtures. Quite often replacing some bathroom fixtures can make a huge difference in appearance.

Painting colorful bathroom walls

painting colorful bathroom walls

Try some bright paint colors for your bathroom. I have always liked painting bathroom walls a bright colorful tint. Making a bathroom colorful can be fun and exciting. Bathrooms are small and generally not too hard to paint therefore, you could always paint over it if necessary.

Painting large bathrooms

painting large bathrooms

When painting large bathrooms, paint colors have more options. Larger bathrooms are easier to decorate and paint. Most people pick neutral colors for their bathrooms.

Choosing the right bathroom hardware

When painting your bathroom it may be a good time to consider changing the hardware for a completely new look. I have found simply changing the light fixtures can make a big difference. Another good thing to consider changing is the bathroom mirror when painting. It never hurts to shop around for new bathroom hardware.

Selecting the right bathroom colors

choosing the right bathroom colors

There are lots of great ideas when selecting your bathroom colors. I have found bright or bold colors to be the best. Make it a color that you love looking at when choosing your colors. I have found some great pictures of bathrooms on Pinterest and YouTube.

Renovating your bathroom

There are several good ways to renovate your bathroom other than painting. Here are some suggestions:

  • replacing the bathroom fan
  • replacing the vanity lights
  • replacing the floor
  • replacing the counter tops

Replacing a bathroom counter top

replacing a bathroom counter top

When renovating a bathroom, it can be fairly inexpensive to replace the countertop. Replacing the bathroom countertop makes a huge difference to the way a bathroom looks. YouTube has some great videos on how to replace countertops. Selecting a great paint color to match your new countertop will be easy after the countertop is installed.

Small painting projects

Finding small house painting projects can be a great way to get started when renovating your home. Bathrooms are usually small jobs and easy for most people.

Taping before painting

taping before painting

It is always best to tape your trim and baseboards before painting. I recommend using green painter’s tape before painting your room. After painting it is always a good idea to remove the tape within a few hours. Peel the tape back slowly after painting.

Replacing bathroom tiles

Replacing bathroom tiles can make a dramatic difference to any bathroom. Considering that most bathrooms are small, you may want to try tiling it yourself. Even get some quotes on how much it would cost to have a professional tile it. After getting some professional quotes, look at pricing out the material do to it yourself. Most tools needed for tiling can be rented or consider asking friends for tools and help. With a little help, your bathroom tiling job can be done within a few days.


Painting bathroom vanities

painting a bathroom vanity
painting a bathroom vanity

If you plan on painting your bathroom vanity, here is some help. If the vanity is made of actual wood, applying paint can be done by yourself. On the other hand, if the vanity is made of a pressboard or MDF board then be sure to prime it first. After it has been lightly sanded and primed it is recommended to use bathroom paint.

Renovating small rooms

When it comes to renovating small rooms, the cost can be fairly expensive. The best way to keep the price of any renovation down is to simply shop around. The more quotes I get for renovating jobs the more I tend to save. It does pay to shop around when it comes to renovations.

Bathroom ventilation options


Some homes have real noisy bathroom ventilation fans. When it comes to bathroom ventilation options there are several good choices. Bathroom ventilation fans are fairly easy to change. Simply ask someone at your local hardware store or check YouTube somehow to install bathroom fans.

Buying bathroom fixtures

I have found the best deals for bathroom fixtures online as opposed to in-store shopping. I usually suggest shopping online for bathroom fixtures first. Sometimes the bigger hardware stores have better deals online also for bathroom fixtures. If you take some time and shop around when buying bathroom fixtures you will save money.

Saving on bathroom renos

How to save on bathroom Renos

I have always found the number one rule in saving on your home reno costs is to simply take more time to shop around. Shopping around for several weeks before and reno can save you thousands of dollars. Always get several quotes and ask for lots of advice. I even suggest online price matching with the bigger hardware stores.

Wallpaper for bathrooms

I usually do not care for wallpaper in bathrooms, however, I have seen some bathrooms with only one accent wall done in wallpaper which can look quite good. When it comes to wallpaper I suggest selecting something you really like or it can be a pain to change. Removing wallpaper can be quite messy and time-consuming. I have found mixing liquid fabric softener with hot water helps to remove wallpaper.

Vivid wall colors

try vivid wall colors

For bathrooms, I personally like to add some vivid colors. The wall colors can add depth and drama. Red has always been one of my favorite paint colors to work with. If you would rather choose safe paint colors then consider adding some good color with things like shower curtains towels. There are great pictures on Pinterest of interior paint colors. Remember, you could always paint over it. I have even tried buying several different shower curtain colors, just to test the color scheme in a certain bathroom. I simply return the shower curtains after selecting my colors.

Best bathroom colors

I don’t think there is the best color for bathrooms. Selecting the best color depends on what colors you already have such as tile or countertops. The color of the cabinet doors makes a difference also when picking the best colors. I have also found that changing the hardware such as door handles can make a big difference for new bathroom renovation ideas. I always suggest shopping around both online and in-store for the best choices in any home renovation.

Vibrant color choices

I have seen some very bright and vibrant color choices for bathrooms lately. The bathroom pictures I found on HGTV are nothing short of impressive. The best inspirations can come from one simple picture. Why not liven up your bathroom with some vibrant color choices which can be a  great idea.

Small bathroom decorating

tips for small bathroom decorating
tips for small bathroom decorating

I have found some pretty great ideas for small bathrooms. Layered lighting is one of the best tips for decorating small rooms. Maximizing storage is important for small rooms. Bright white colors throughout the whole bathroom can look great also. Selecting the right mirror can make a huge difference in the feel of a small bathroom.

1000 colors for bathrooms

I was recently looking at some new ideas for colors in bathrooms. I went back to one of my favorite sites called Pinterest and found 1000 ideas for bathroom paint colors. The vast collection of paint color pictures on Pinterest is quite impressive. I must say, some of the newer bathroom renovation ideas are amazing.

Bright bathrooms

Most homeowners want whites for colors in their bathrooms. I have found whites can work very well for any bathroom as long as there is a good accent color. Some would rather have a bright color for their bathroom. If you plan on painting your bathroom with one of those super-bright colors you must use a primer first. For example, a bright neon pink color would require a pink primer for proper coverage. Be sure to check with your paint supplier about using neon colors for your bathroom paint ideas first.

Newer style bathrooms

new styles for bathroom renovations

The newer style of bathrooms seems to focus more on bright colors and brighter lighting and glass. I have seen several new styles for bathrooms and most every bathroom has some sort of fancy lighting. Some light fixtures can be quite expensive for bathrooms. I usually suggest shopping online for some new bathroom light fixtures for the best prices. Shopping online for new renovation supplies can really save the homeowner in the overall cost.

Painting old bathrooms

Some homes are very old and require more work when it comes to painting. I have found painting old bathrooms can lead to much bigger jobs. I have also found some of the best bathroom paint ideas for restoring older bathrooms. Remodeling older bathrooms can end up costing over 10,000.

Tiny bathroom renovations

Some of the best bathroom renovations can be done in a day or 2. Painting has always been one of the cheapest and easiest renovations for any room. Changing the window drapes to something new and bright can be done with little effort and have the biggest impact on appearance. Tiny bathrooms can be are easy to fix up in a short amount of time.

Choosing bathroom mirrors

choosing bathroom mirrors
choosing the best bathroom mirror

The type of mirror you decide to put in a bathroom can make a big difference. Sometimes buying a cheap mirror can make the room look bigger and better. Mirrors are usually not very expensive and choosing the right bathroom mirror can be hard for some people. I use ideas from places like better bathrooms when choosing a mirror.