Want to know how much to paint a house costs?

Let’s look at some general house painting cost


First, let’s look at some general interior house painting cost estimates below. Then we look at some general exterior house painting costs to give you an idea of what your home will cost for painting. Below are some detailed interior house painting costs. Some things to keep in mind when determining how much to paint a house costs.

  • Paint and supplies
  • Fixing drywall
  • Time and labor

The cost of paint alone can really add up. Cheap house paint starts at around $20 a gallon. High-end paint can cost as much as $80 a gallon. Typical interior house painting estimates for a 1500 square foot home average between $2,000 to $3,500 and uses around 10 gallons of paint with two coats of paint for painting the walls only. Expect to pay a professional painter around $1.25 per square foot or more.

When it comes to figuring out how much to paint a house costs there are several things to consider first like, how much prep work is needed before painting. My goal is to help the average homeowner get the best painting contractor for the best price.

So let’s look a little further

replacing drywall cost before painting

Patching and replacing drywall can really add to the overall cost and slow your painting job down. Most interior house painting jobs don’t require replacing drywall. Every interior painting job I have done requires some light patching. Typical nail holes and minor scuffs are fairly easy to fix and don’t take much time to prepare a house for painting.

On the other hand, if there are lots of cracks or damaged drywall, this is where time adds up as well as the overall cost. How much time will the renovation take is always going to be a major factor in determining the final price of any home renovation. Painting alone, in general, is not very expensive.

Assuming you don’t need to replace drywall let’s continue with more painting costs

Time and labor are the two main costs of any home renovation. The labor cost averages $20 to $30 per hour sometimes more depending upon where you live. Of course, if you are doing it yourself you can save thousands sometimes when calculating how much to paint a house. How to save on your house paint cost and do it yourself tips are included on my other pages as well.

Here are some general interior painting prices:

  • To hire a professional to paint a 10 x 10 room averages $200 just for the labor only not including ceilings or trim.
  • To hire a professional to paint an average 1500 square feet home averages $2,500 – 3,000 for the labor on whole house painting estimates for walls only.
  • Paint and supplies for the average home will run $400 – $800 depending on the quality of paint.

Below I have included a list of house painting pages with more information on prices

The following topics are covered to help you decide your best options:


Click on any of the pages above to receive more information and help with your house painting prices. I have seen far too many homeowners get overcharged for all various home renovations. This site is my way of helping homeowners get a good deal on painting their house as well as learning some painting tips. Each of the pages above will more information on interior and exterior painting rates. I have included some do-it-yourself tips as well. Always remember this is your home so choose colors you love and perhaps reflect your personality. Never be afraid to try some new paint colors.

Experiment with bold colors


Be willing to try new and exciting color combinations for your home. Choose paint colors that are comfortable for you. Homeowners are always wanting to know more about interior and exterior painting prices to get the best prices. Simply experimenting with small sample colors can help make your choices easier when selecting colors.

I love painting crown molding bright white

painting crown molding
bright white semi-gloss and crown molding

Crown molding and semi-gloss white paint look amazing. Semi-gloss white has always been a trusted favorite for interior trim. A nice bright white finish on the interior trim not only looks great but can be cleaned with ease. Installing crown molding has always been a bit of a challenge. If you plan on doing your own renovations like installing crown molding, I always suggest learning tips from YouTube. I generally paint the crown molding before it’s installed.

Painting aluminum siding


I am surprised at how many times I am asked “how much to paint a house with aluminum siding”? Painting aluminum siding should be done with oil-based paint. More good painting tips can be found on YouTube for painting siding. Another question I get asked is, “how much to paint a house per square foot”? here are some more rates.

Pressure washing your home

Are looking to paint the exterior of your home? Pressure washing is absolutely necessary before painting the exterior. I think everyone should pressure wash their home once a year just for proper maintenance. Most professionals will charge $200  to $300 to pressure wash your home. Here is some tips on how to properly use a commercial pressure washer.

Let’s help homeowners with house painting online

how much does paint cost

Homeowners should have some free help with painting their home I say so, I have included other pages with more information on things like how much does it cost to paint the interior per square foot. House painting should be fun and exciting instead of expensive and problematic. I also share painting images on PinterestTwitter, and YouTube to help you decide on paint colors for example.

Most people are looking for help with how much to paint the inside, however, I have included information on painting the exterior of your house to cover all your house painting needs and expenses. I am always checking out new cost-effective articles on HGTV for adding value to your home. How much do painters charge? for example, is on my other pages. If you plan on hiring a painter, make sure you get at least a few price quotes to protect yourself from getting overcharged. Want to learn how to paint it yourself to really save on overall cost? If you see anything you like please share it helps support the website for future homeowners.

Interior painting prices

interior painting prices and colors

Finding interior painting prices can be tough for most homeowners. I have covered all the questions in regards to how much all the costs for painting an interior here. There is also a separate page for exterior painting prices and information here.

Finished house painting photos create ideas

how much to paint a house interior image 1

With sites like Pinterest, I love using finished house painting photos for ideas. Photos can also give homeowners a better idea of what it will cost to paint the interior of a home. If you are looking for more information on how much to paint a room yourself try here.

The price of painting a single room

Interior painting costs will usually average $2,500 – 3,500 for a whole house. Professional painting prices start at $250 per room for walls only. Most house painting prices listed here come from hours of research online and my own experiences. These pages may also help answer any questions about separate painting costs.

Professional painting cost

cost to paint house interior image
professional painting cost

I have included professional painting costs and some do-it-yourself prices to help you determine your house painting cost. House painting estimates and some of my past interior and exterior prices can be found here.

Picking the best house paint colors

house painting cost for painting bedrooms

I have tried to include several good house painting pictures on every page to share some great house painting color ideas. I also have prices for how much to paint a house interior as well as exterior painting prices on my painting prices section.

Finding house painting prices

how much do it cost to paint a house

Most homeowners simply want a quality house painting job at a fair price. Very few people want a cheap painting job. The only customer that has wanted a cheap painting job was someone who owned several cheap rental properties. In today’s times, most of us know that quality work is best. This site is aimed at helping homeowners get fair and honest house painting prices. Here are some average prices when calculating how much to paint a house cost. House painting prices and cost.

More house painting cost and ideas


Here is a new popular style for wall painting and stencil ideas. Writing on walls! I got in big trouble for doing that as a kid. I frequently add more tips, information, and pictures on how to paint your house. Bookmark and check back for new updates on painting prices for your house and don’t forget to share.

House painting costs

house painting tips and secrets

The cost to paint a house exterior can be expensive. The average cost to paint an exterior starts at $3,000.Interior house painting cost starts around $1,500. Check out other pages for house painting tips and secrets.

Exterior house painting ideas

cost to paint a house interior

I have some great exterior house painting tips here. In addition, there are some general exterior painting quotes. The cost to paint a house interior can be expensive so always get several estimates from professional painting companies.

How much to paint a room?

professional painting prices

To determine how much it cost to paint a room by a professional painter will average $200 – $300 to just have the walls painted. On the other hand, if you plan on painting the room yourself you can expect to spend $100 or more for painting supplies.

Choosing house paint colors


If you looking for some help choosing house paint colors I have a page called house paint colors to make things easier. Picking paint colors can be hard for most people, and nobody wants to waste a good gallon of paint. I suggest picking paint colors that accent what is going on in that room for starters.

House painters price guide

house painters price guide

I have included several ways to help price what it will cost to have your home painted here. From square foot painting prices to average room prices, this page will be a simple price guide for homeowners.

Home renovation  T.V shows

picking the right house paint colors

I have been painting and renovating for years and I still love watching all these new t.v home renovation shows. I just can’t get enough HGTV. After renovating your home, picking house paint colors can be fun and exciting. Home renovation shows are great ways to get house painting tips and ideas.

Painting estimates  

To find the best house painting estimates in your area, here are some simple tips to follow.

  • Measure it yourself and calculate an average of $2 per foot.
  • Get painting estimates from several quality painting companies.
  • Ask friends and families for quality house painting references.
  • Try some online house painting calculators.
  • I have another page for more help with house painting estimates here.

Painting Prices per Square Foot

painting prices per square foot

Most professional house painters will estimate based on per square foot prices. After estimating for years, however, a professional painter can generally just look at a painting job and know right away the price to paint an interior or exterior without measuring. Most painters charge around $1.50 per square foot for painting.

Quality house painting

quality house painting

Finding quality house painting can be tough for some homeowners. I always suggest little things like asking friends and neighbors for good references to quality house painters. Several people make the mistake of going with cheap contractors which usually turns out to be a mistake and costs the homeowner more in the long run.

 House painting supplies

quality paint supplies

How to select house painting supplies for the do-it-yourself person. I have tested out all kinds of paintbrushes and rollers over the years. If you plan on painting your own house then I suggest quality supplies always. The best quality paintbrushes can be found at professional paint stores.

More painting tips on saving

House painting tips

I have often told people to use business accounts for buying painting supplies if they plan on doing it yourself. I have found the best paint to be at professional painting stores. YouTube has some great tips for saving when it comes to house painting. Do-it-yourself painting tips can be found here also.

Painting a house

painting a house

Choosing to paint your home can be hard for some people. Selecting the right professional painter can be just as hard. When it comes to painting a house, here are some helpful tips.

  • always get several painting estimates
  • choose quality paint and products
  • test small paint color samples
  • ask friends and family for painting ideas

Cost to paint house yourself

cost to paint house yourself

The cost to paint a house yourself can still be expensive and very time-consuming. I suggest shopping around for quality paint and supplies first. If you happen to know of any professional painters they may be willing to help you buy quality paint supplies.

House painting cost per hour


House painting costs will differ between major cities. The average house painter may charge $45 per hour in California while the same painter would only charge $25 per hour in other states for the same job. The cost of house painting per hour is generally dependent on the cost of living and expenses for the professional. Be sure to ask friends and family about your local house painting cost to get a better idea.

Hiring house painters

Hiring house painters

Hiring someone to paint your house can be hard for some people. Choosing the right professional painter is important. Too many homeowners make the mistake of going with a cheap contractor. Homeowners should start by asking friends and family for good house painters unless they want to do their own house painting.

Finding house painting prices

house painting prices

Finding good house painting prices in your area can be a challenge for some homeowners. I have several pages on house painting prices to make it easier if you are looking for help with your house painting. There are too many homeowners being taken advantage of nowadays. Renovating your home should be fun and exciting.

Virtual house painting

virtual house painting

The internet can be great for things like virtual house painting. I have tried a few sites for virtual painting. I found some of the painting software to be hard to use for most people. I do believe there are some good house painting programs online. once I find an easy program I will post it here.

Quality house painters

quality house painters

I strongly recommend that everyone chooses quality house painters when getting their home or business painted. I have heard and seen far too many that made the mistake of going with someone because they were cheap painters. Also never buy with cheap house paint or paint supplies. Quality will always prevail in house painting.

More house painting ideas

more house painting color ideas

I personally have always liked bold colors throughout the house, red is my favorite color to work with. Bold bright paint colors do not work well for some homes. This living room has lots of red, perhaps too much color. That’s the beauty of house painting it’s easy to change your paint colors.

Buying quality paint

buying quality paint

Selecting the right colors is only half the challenge, buying quality paint is important. I have tried several kinds of house paint over the years and have learned to always buy quality paint now. It is always better to spend the extra few dollars per gallon on quality. I usually suggest buying from an actual professional paint supplier like Dulux, general paint, etc.

Painting with bright colors

painting with very bright colors

Painting a room with bright colors can be tricky. Some bright paint colors like reds and bright orange will require a good primer. The best way to determine if a new bright color will need a primer is to ask the paint store. Bright new house paint colors can look amazing.

Painting with dark colors

painting with dark colors

Painting your interior with dark colors can work for most people. Of course, you don’t want every room to be painted with dark colors. I usually suggest painting only one wall with dark paint for accent and depth. Here is a picture of a dark wall with lots of white accents on it which looks great.

Decorating bathrooms

decorating bathrooms

Painting and decorating bathrooms can be difficult for some homeowners. When it comes to painting colors for bathrooms, I usually suggest one dominant color and one accent color. The color of hanging towels should match the accent color in most bathrooms for the best look. Several homeowners choose white for everything in some bathrooms. I personally like some dark paint in bathrooms with lots of white for the accent color. I also suggest finding a good picture of a bathroom you absolutely love and utilizing those colors.

Colors for office painting

colors for office painting

Depending on the kind of business you may want to choose some bold colors for painting your office. Most want to stay neutral and paint their office with very neutral colors. It may be a good idea to get several opinions on the paint color choice before making a final selection. I do like the orange tint with black trim colors for example.

  Bright living room colors

bright living room colors

I personally love bright living room colors. I also like to paint one wall a dark color to add depth and drama. I find painting a living room with a very bright color should be toned down with whites. White works well for smoothing out bright powerful colors although whites show dirt faster.

Drywall repairs before painting

drywall repairs before painting

Quite often drywall should be replaced before painting. Repairing drywall can be fairly easy to do yourself. I have found some great tips and tricks on YouTube for repairing drywall. After fixing your wall do not forget to prime your new drywall before painting. Fixing drywall before painting is generally pretty messy.

Easy home renovations

paint brush and paint

Painting your home is the cheapest and easiest way to increase your property value. I usually suggest getting some professional painting quotes even if you plan on doing it yourself. It is always a good idea to ask a professional how they do it. Getting quotes will save you on your total house painting cost. Sometimes just buying a paintbrush and paint will get you going. Here is some more do-it-yourself help.

Painting with a brush

painting with a paint brush

Painting with a brush is fairly easy for most people. There are proper ways to hold a paintbrush when painting. I have also found YouTube to be great for videos on painting. Here is an example of how to hold your paintbrush. Holding the paintbrush properly helps with cutting in fine lines.

Painters tape

using painters tape

When painting it is important to use tape in several circumstances. The key to using tape is to remove it as soon as possible after painting. Green tape or blue works just fine for me when painting. Specialty tapes like frog tape were never really worth it for me. When applying the tape lightly apply then simply run your finger over the tape for a good seal.


Colorful home renovations

colorful home renovations

Some homeowners prefer colorful home renovations when painting. I usually recommend staying away from too many bright colors when painting. Choose your paint colors carefully. If you are unsure about color choices ask others for opinions when renovating.

House painting expenses


There are several ways to save on house painting expenses. The most obvious is painting it yourself. Here is some helpful information on doing it yourself painting. Sometimes it pays to see if you qualify for any kind of home renovation grant. The best way to save on your house painting expenses is to really shop around. I suggest checking all your paint stores for discounts as well as professional painting companies to reduce your total painting cost.

How to house paint

kids-learning-to-paint-walls green_

Learning how to house paint can be difficult for many homeowners. Painting the inside is much easier and faster than painting the exterior of your home. I have a separate page on learning how to paint yourself here. YouTube is great for finding videos on how to house paint also. Sometimes it can be fun to get the kids involved in your house painting. Have a good supply of wet rags when teaching kids how to paint.

Fixing drywall repairs

Fixing drywall repairs

Fixing drywall repairs can be messy and expensive. It is usually best to shop around for a good contractor that repairs drywall. Always get more than one quote when pricing out drywall repairs. I check out references and make sure they are clean and fast when it comes to drywall repairs. Drywall dust can be a big problem for some people with allergies so make sure the job is done right.

Priming before painting

primer before painting
primer before painting

I get asked all the time about priming before painting. When should you prime before painting? If you have new drywall installed then you need to prime it first. Another time for using a primer before painting is when you plan on painting with strong bright colors. There are several newer paints that already have primer mixed in, but in some instances like new drywall you should always use a separate primer.

I have used some paints with primers built in only for painting a surface that has previously been painted. Paint primer is the cheapest type of paint which won’t add much to your house painting cost. I always use something like killz stain blocker for covering up any kind of stains.

Types of house paint

Most house paints today are latex-based paints. There are not many oil-based paints anymore for ecology-friendly reasons. Latex paint is getting better and clean-up is easy with water. When it comes to painting metal trim or fixtures oil-based paints may be best, but oil-based paint is getting harder to find. When unsure about the best paint to use I suggest contacting a professional paint store for the best answers.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling

There are several great ways to look at bathroom remodeling. Here is a great idea for lighting a bathroom with led lights. I recently found that led lights are easy to install in any room. The look this led lighting gives is simply amazing. This brings bathroom remodeling to a new level.

I think just the idea of installing something more modern into a bathroom-like led lighting is an awesome idea. There are more options when it comes to remodeling your home these days. Coolest looking bathroom I have seen in a while. It’s amazing what some led lights will do to any room. Who wouldn’t want a cool-looking bathroom with led lights? Now it is possible for anyone.

Buying quality paint

I have always found buying quality paint to actually cost less over years. Quality paint is more durable and simply lasts longer. The bonding agents in more expensive paint are usually better also. I have always suggested that homeowners buy quality paint over cheap paint supplies. Quality paint and quality tools are always the better choices.

Best drywall repairs

best drywall repairs

I have found the easiest and best drywall repairs on YouTube. There are several great videos showing the best ways to do drywall repairs. New drywall should always be primed before painting. I would recommend using a separate primer for fresh drywall. If you plan on using drywall compound and tape I would check out some tips on YouTube.

Preparing wood for painting

When it comes to painting wood surfaces, certain prep work needs to be done first. If the wood surface has clear coat protection like polyurethane then it needs to be sanded before painting. I usually recommend a good primer also for wood before paint is applied. I found preparing wood for painting was usually done on old oak wood trim like baseboards and casings. The more labor involved will most certainly increase your bottom line when calculating how much to paint a house.

Patching walls for paint

Patching walls for paint

I have found that the best and fastest way for patching walls for paint is using a product called Drydex. It’s cheap and super easy to work with for patching walls. Once Drydex is applied it can be sanded and painted within 15 minutes.

Home decorating tips

There are some great places to look for home decorating tips. I have used YouTube for some great decorating tips and tricks. I have also found some amazing pictures for decorating on Pinterest. Selecting the right colors for rug and accent furniture can make all the difference when decorating any room.


Mixing house paint colors


I have been asked by several people about mixing paint colors. When mixing house paint colors there are some things to consider. Probably the biggest thing to consider when mixing paint is will you ever find a match. If you are mixing 2 tints of blue, the end result will probably never be duplicated. You can not mix oil with latex. I would also never mix flat paint with semi-gloss. For the cost of paint, I would never suggest mixing any paint unless it’s the exact same tint and texture.

Average cost to paint

The average cost to paint a house inside is $2,000 to $2,500. The average exterior can really vary in price. The average exterior cost would most likely be $3,000 and up. The exterior painting of any home is generally more work which takes more time. I see this renovation shows that paint an exterior with a paint sprayer for under $2,000 sometimes. I prefer to use a brush and roller for heavier coats of paint on an exterior, it will last longer. Exterior siding should be sanded and primed for a solid bonding coat of paint.

Buying paint supplies

Buying-paint-supplies-and saving
  • check local paint stores for sales
  • look online for paint deals
  • look for price match deals

Quite often your local professional paint store will have a paint sale on, or they will have one coming up soon, it pays to call and ask. I always go to the online store for deals before I actually go to the store in person. Sometimes the same store has an online coupon or sale that will save me on my painting cost. I can also check if what I want is in stock, so I’m not wasting a trip. Most big hardware stores offer price matching or better yet they will beat the other store’s price by up to 10%. Saving even %5 can make big difference when determining how much to paint a house.

Basic color choices in paint


There are some safe choices when selecting your interior paint colors. The neutral choices such as whites, taupe’s, and greys are fairly safe to work within any room. Another good practice is to limit a room to only 2 colors. I always suggest asking an expert for some input on house painting costs if you can. The key to decorating is choosing the right accent ideas, such as drapes.

Interior design tips

I have never been good at interior design. The truth is I suck at decorating, but I know how to find people who are amazing when it comes to interior design. There are all kinds of places and stores to find free advice on decorating. Here are some tips to get you going.

  • select neutral wall colors
  • use several light sources
  • accent with mirrors and artwork
  • use area rugs

Kitchen remodeling colors

selecting kitchen remodeling colors

The most expensive renovation in any home is usually the kitchen and picking the right colors can be a challenge. The color choices for a kitchen can be daunting for some homeowners. The easiest way to get started on your kitchen remodel is to start looking at pictures of completed kitchens. I suggest finding 3 good pictures of kitchens you love and starting with those colors schemes. Do your homework, if you plan on hiring a qualified contractor for your kitchen remodel.

Online paint suppliers

Some great deals can be found online even with the big paint suppliers. I have visited all the big paint suppliers online. I have found most big paint dealers share some good helpful information for the average homeowner online. Most people shopping for paint will visit the big hardware store first, I always visit professional paint stores as well to get the best supplies and prices. Taking some extra time to shop online can save you hundreds on your renovations.

Student house painters

student house painters
tips for hiring student house painters

I feel I should share my experience with so-called student house painters. Being a painter for over 20 years I have learned a few things about most of the other painting companies. I have yet to meet any actual students working for so-called student house painting companies. All these student painting companies I have come across are just another painting outfit with a different name for marketing. I am all in favor of hiring students but, I suggest homeowners do some investigating on who exactly you are hiring in the future. Getting several quotes equals saving money when it comes to determining how much to paint a house will cost.

Paint touch ups

I have had my share of problems with touch-up paints. After a time the colors on the wall tend to fade and make using touch-up paints difficult. If you have a similar problem doing touch-ups on any wall, the best thing to do is just paint that wall with one quick coat. Most times I have had to paint the whole wall for touch-ups unless the paint job was less than a year old. Another method I use for paint touch-ups is to just lightly use the end of a brush with a small amount of paint and blend it in.

Interior painting cost

interior painting cost
interior painting cost per city

The interior painting cost for any home can vary depending upon your location. For example, I live in Saskatchewan Canada and the average painter makes about $20 per hour, whereas that same painter would make $35 per hour painting in Vancouver Canada. The other aspect of interior painting cost is paint supplies like paint, brushes, and rollers. I have found the cost of paint supplies does not actually change that much per city.

Painting prices for the U.S

I  live in Canada and have looked online at several price quotes for painting in the United States. I find the house painting prices in the U.S to be pretty much the same as in Canada. I mean most professional painters that are good and well established usually charge close to $30 an hour. I find the exact same prices up in most Canadian cities. Most good painters are charging around $30 an hour which I think is quite fair. The cost of house painting does increase in some places where the cost of living is higher in Canada Vancouver has the highest painting cost.

Tips for do it yourself painting

tips for doing it yourself painting avoiding paint spills

Some of the best tips for do-it-yourself painting have been found on YouTube. I have searched several videos on YouTube for painting ideas and tips, here are some tips. The average homeowner would rather just hire a professional painter to do their painting. If you plan on painting yourself I always suggest taking the time to avoid paint spills. If you can’t use a drop cloth I often suggest buying some cheap lightweight poly to protect yourself from paint spills.

Free painting quotes

I have found one of the best ways to save money is to get 5 or 6 painting quotes. I have even suggested some homeowners get painting quotes 6 months in advance. Most real good painters are booked up for 3 months or more. Unless you are in is a big rush to get some painting done, taking the extra time to get several quotes will save you in the end. Another good thing about taking the extra time when hiring someone is you will probably end up with a good professional painter to serve you for years to come.


Renovations and prices

There are several contributing factors when looking at how much to paint a house. The two basic factors for pricing any home renovation are always labor and materials. There are also several ways to save on house painting costs which I have covered here. When it comes to renovations, shopping around for the best price does help. I usually suggest shopping at your local stores and comparing renovations and prices.

Reducing the painting cost

reduce your house painting cost

There are some simple ways for reducing your painting cost. There are always online sales on paints and supplies that most homeowners miss. Most big stores offer deals just for signing up for their newsletter. Even places like Twitter and Facebook can help cut costs when it comes to calculating how much to paint a house will actually cost. If you can cut your total purchase at someplace like home depot by 5% it’s definitely worth subscribing to the newsletter for example.

Current house painting cost

The prices for painting a house gradually increase over time like everything else. The price of labor is usually the biggest factor in determining how much it cost to paint a house. Of course, if you are a do-it-yourself kinda person house painting can be fairly cheap. It’s best to get several painting estimates from professionals even if you plan on doing it yourself, educating yourself on current painting costs will help you save money overall.

Paint tips

paint tips
some of the best paint tips

Some of the best paint tips are actually on YouTube.There are some great paint tips on my other pages as well. Some great paint tips can also be found on Pinterest as well. Some paint jobs can be done by anyone with a little help.

Repairing old rustic homes

Homes that are nearing 100 years old or more are becoming more popular. The process for repairing older rustic homes is often quite different than newer homes. Most 100-year-old homes had lathe and plaster on the interior walls. More old styles of the woodwork are showing up in the big hardware stores to appeal to homeowners looking to have a more rustic interior look. Old rustic home repairs can be very expensive compared to the new styles.

Home demo cost

home demo cost
how to save on your home demo project

When it comes to figuring out how much to paint a house costs, there are some things to consider. Cost like home demo can be fairly inexpensive. There are several ways to save during a home demo. Asking family and friends to come help with a home demo can really save you money. Sometimes in order to have that perfect new home renovation, a home demo is necessary.

Average cost to paint a house

The average cost to paint a house is usually around $2,000. The exterior paint cost is generally higher than the interior painting cost. Some smaller interior paint jobs can be under $1,000.The high end of having an interior painted can be over $3,000 in some cases. Generally, the average interior paint job will be around $2,000 in most cases.

Recycle old paint

recycle old paint
always recycle old paint cans

In most cities, there are free places to recycle old paint. It’s pretty common to have some leftover paint that you will never use. Recycling old paint is always a good idea rather than having it in our landfills. The places that do recycle old paint quite often sell used paint for very cheap prices. If you do have any old paint I urge you to recycle it. Recycling is important when it comes to things like paint, especially if it is oil-based paints.

Before and after house painting

I was looking for some great before and after house painting ideas. I found some nice before and after house painting pictures on sites like Pinterest. Pinterest has always been a great site for finding various house renovation pictures. Before and after painting pictures can really help when it comes to selecting paint colors. After selecting your house paint color schemes, we can look at how much to paint a house will cost here.

House painting videos

house painting videos
do it yourself painting videos

I have always been a fan of YouTube for videos on just about anything. There are countless videos on how to paint walls and paint trim. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person I found some great how-to-paint videos here. Learning how to paint can be fun and easy with the right videos. Do it yourself painting can really cut your cost when adding up how much to paint a house will ultimately cost.